Not a vision but necessity


 a vision of a prosperous, crime free, safe country, free of bigotry and false news will take 20 years. Many things will be in white paper but must involve,  unity, inclusivness, and reform in all political areas.

1 - independence 

2 - remove child poverty

3 - remove food banks

4 - eradicate homelessness 

5 - remove weapons of mass destruction 

6 - begin process of nationalising all utilities including, national grid, telecoms, water, rail, renewables, mail, ports, oil and gas

7 - create new ministries - defence, sports, law, tourism,  health,  drug misuse,  culture & arts, business & investment,  enviroment & zero carbon, oil and gas, transport, fishing, food and drink, agriculture and forestry,  land reform, immigration,  education,  religion and ethics, international affairs, space exploration, pensions & social security. Historic Scotland, Media, Internet and TV, technology & inovation, Children's futures,  Banking and economy.

8 - SNP need to eventualy commit new political elections to ensure parliament is not a 1 party dictatorship but hold the balance against Unionists which will still exist.

9 - national pension reform to align with EU

10 - ensure Scotlands worldwide assets are either preserved or compensated for from UK. Preserve worldwide consulates we already share.

11 - promote Scotlands potential worldwide for immigration and investment.

12 - expand population to 6 million within 10 years up to a max of 7 million within 25 years.

13 - ensure corporation tax hits amazon, google, tesco, Asda's, Costa, facebook, etc

14 - regulate social media. Eliminate Fake news

15 - join EFRA

16 - referendum to reemove royalty from Scotland.  Create a new Scotland Constitution incorporating the Declaration of Arbroath 

17 - reform local councils and voting system

18 - 3 further National holidays on 6th April and 30th November plus Independence Day.

19 - align with Scandinavian trade links

20 - rebuild ship building industry 

21 - Ensure decommissioning projects retained to Scotland.

Potential projects post independence below

- new national stadium between Glasgow and Edinburgh with National sports academy. 

- Skiing and winter sports complex

- Independence towers in all major cities housing a hotel, restaurants and a tourist attraction. Aberdeen for example could have a oil and gas museum.

- promote Gleneagles for the world's 5th golf Major

- promote iminent dissused military bases for private tourism investment 

- yearly independence Day celebrations (St Patrick's style)


If Scotland are 25% as successful as Dubia in a post oil economy then we will do well.

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