About Us


Mission Statement

  • We are a grassroots, non-party campaign based on individual membership, committed to achieving Scottish independence as soon as possible.
  • We champion the right of the Scottish people alone to determine their form of government.
  • We co-operate with all independence-minded groups and parties.
  • We seek an independent nation – built on foundations of human equality, internationalism, and social and economic justice; and which mobilises against climate change.
  • We champion Scottish independence - not later, but now!


Neutrality & Diversity Statement


Now Scotland is a mass membership campaigning organisation founded to bring together all those who wish to work to achieve Scottish Independence and to do so quickly. We stand on the cusp of Independence, as the sovereign will of the people of Scotland has become firmly settled on this goal.

Now Scotland is, and will remain, entirely neutral on all matters outwith the core question of Scottish independence.

We put differences aside to campaign shoulder to shoulder for Independence, whilst being open to discussing all views in a fraternal manner.


Now Scotland will not adopt policies on matters not directly related to the campaign for early independence. It will not support any particular political party.

We have no leaders and will follow no leaders, we are membership led and open to all, of any party and none, who wish to contribute to our common goal.


We want to build a progressive, inclusive, independent Scotland, based on respect for all, which is free from persecution and harassment.

We welcome all people from all communities who share these aims.


Join us NOW and make a difference! 



National Committee Election Results 28/6/21

Turnout 38%

Candidate | Count
Alan Bell | 413
Alison Watters | 576
Charlotte Ahmed | 506
Ellen Joëlle Dalzell | 559
Geoff Bush | 515
Iain Cameron | 460
John Lucey | 364
Gillian Mair | 563
Keir McKechnie | 418
Ken Ross | 477
Kenny MacLaren | 564
Lyn Middleton | 564
Patricia Spencer | 548
Reopen Nominations | 90

Elected members: Alan Bell, Alison Watters, Charlotte Ahmed, Ellen Joëlle Dalzell,
Geoff Bush, Iain Cameron, Gillian Mair, Keir McKechnie, Ken Ross, Kenny
MacLaren, Lyn Middleton, and Patricia Spencer.