Now Scotland evolved out of two mass online events held in November 2020 organised by members of the All Under One Banner team on the future of independence campaigning. Over 1200 people attended and supported establishing a mass-membership organisation to resource campaigning and take forward ideas on campaigning during Covid-19 lockdown and beyond. A call for volunteers resulted in a fifteen-strong interim committee being elected by participants to set up the new organisation.

A mass-membership organisation is needed to provide a democratic forum for the independence movement and to unite the Scottish people.

Since 2014 the active independence movement has expanded by hundreds of thousands and overflowed the boundaries of the existing pro-independence political parties. Now Scotland is a unique forum that allows every supporter of independence an equal voice in determining the common direction of the movement.

For the first time in modern history a consistent majority of the Scottish electorate now say they want to re-establish Scottish independence. This is a momentous turning point. Now Scotland provides a means for the rising Scottish nation to act together in a non-partisan way. We are open to everyone – party members, but also those who associate with no particular political party. We do not claim exclusivity, but we aim to provide a national umbrella organisation for all those active in the struggle for Scottish emancipation.


  • We are a grassroots, non-party campaign based on individual membership, committed to achieving Scottish independence as soon as possible.
  • We champion the right of the Scottish people alone to determine their form of government.
  • We co-operate with all independence-minded groups and parties.
  • We seek an independent nation – built on foundations of human equality, internationalism, and social and economic justice; and which mobilises against climate change.
  • We champion Scottish independence - not later, but now!



Now Scotland is a mass membership campaigning organisation founded to bring together all those who wish to work to achieve Scottish Independence and to do so quickly. We stand on the cusp of Independence, as the sovereign will of the people of Scotland has become firmly settled on this goal.

It cannot be ignored that the Yes Movement has been troubled by deeply felt divisions of late. Now Scotland is, and will remain, entirely neutral on these matters. It embraces members who have very different views on these subjects. We put differences aside to campaign shoulder to shoulder for Independence.

Now Scotland firmly asserts that it is entirely possible for decent people of goodwill to have different attitudes to these and other questions, and that within the Independence movement they can be discussed in a fraternal manner. Now Scotland will not adopt policies on matters not directly related to the campaign for early independence. It will not support any particular political party. It has no leaders and will follow no leaders, but is membership led. It is open to all those, of any party and none, who wish to contribute to our joint goal.



Now Scotland welcomes all new Scots who’ve made Scotland their home and are contributing to life and culture in Scotland in so many ways.

Our population is more diverse than ever before. As we build a new grassroots organisation to campaign for independence, we want that organisation to reflect the diversity we see all around us.

We want to build a progressive, inclusive, independent Scotland, based on respect for all, which is free from persecution and harassment. We welcome people from all communities who share these aims.

Join us at NOW Scotland and make a difference! 


Inaugural Committee

The members who have served on the inaugural national committee are:

Charlotte Ahmed

Suzanne Blackley

Mairianna Clyde

Kim Dams

Ian Grant

Sheena Jardine

George Kerevan

Neil MacKay

Angus Brendan Macneil

Gillian Mair

Linda McCorrison

Keir Mckechnie

Lyn Middleton

Carol McNamara

Craig Murray

Andrew Wilson

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