Q: Who can join Now Scotland?

A: Anyone who supports Scottish Independence and is over 16 years of age.  You do not have to live in Scotland.  All are welcome.


Q:  Is Now Scotland a political party?

A:  No.  Now Scotland is not a political party and will not be standing candidates for any elections.  We are not affiliated with any political party, group or blog however we seek to cooperate with all who want or work for Scottish Independence.


Q: How is Now Scotland structured?

A: The administration of Now Scotland is handled by 15 elected volunteers.  Now Scotland is set up as a democratic membership organisation.  


Q:  Are my financial details secure?

A:  Our payment provider is Stripe and Now Scotland does not hold your card details.  


Q: Can I use my debit card to join or donate?

A: Yes. You can use debit and credit card payments by Visa, MasterCard and American Express or you can set up a Standing Order with your bank. Now Scotland's bank account details are available for this on request via [email protected] or by completion of a contact on our Contact page.


Q: How will the funds Now Scotland raise be spent?

A: The members of Now Scotland will decide how the funds raised will be spent. Accounts will be published as required by current legislation law.


Q: How do I get in touch?

A: Go to the top of the web site and click on contact and send us an email we will respond as soon as we can.


Q:  What is the purpose of Now Scotland?

A:  Our Mission Statement can be found on our website under “about us


Q: Are the committee members paid?

A: No. All committee members are volunteers and give their time freely.


Q: Is Now Scotland affiliated with any other group or organisation?

A: No. Now Scotland is not affiliated with any other organisation. Our committee was elected after an assembly held by AUOB however after the committee was formed their involvement stopped.

It must be accepted however that members of the committee may have personal pre-existing connections with other organisations and if so, we cannot expect them to give those up for a limited period of time to serve on the Now Scotland committee now or in the future.

Now Scotland is happy to work with any and all who want Scotland’s Independence.


Q: How do I cancel my Now Scotland Membership?

A: We are working on adding account edit features for all members, however at the moment cancelling your membership must be done by emailing the team at [email protected]