Welcome to Now Scotland

Welcome to the Now Scotland website and welcome to Now Scotland.

Since the decision was taken on 14 November 2020 to form a new national membership organisation in support of Scottish independence, and in particular since 3 December that year when the inaugural national committee was elected, a great many people have volunteered to help with guidance, encouragement and sheer hard work. We owe each of them a debt of gratitude and their contribution will not go unmarked. We also owe a great deal to the support of Scottish Independence Foundation, of which there is more written elsewhere on this website.

The willingness of people to work together in pursuit of Scotland’s independence has been the hallmark of the work completed to date – and it will be key to the success of this organisation and of our campaigns. So far we have defined a constitution, organised incorporation, established banking facilities and financial controls, defined and managed the build of a website and a powerful campaigning platform to power it and we have also planned for the next stages of our campaigns and the democratic future of the organisation.  All of that has been achieved in an incredibly short period of time because people have been willing to work to. Unity in action will be our watchwords in everything that we do.

Whilst this new organisation is focused on securing a positive future for the people of Scotland in a new, socially-democratic nation at peace with itself and its neighbours, we also recognise and pay tribute to all of those who have believed and worked and campaigned for independence in the past. We are standing on their shoulders and we are determined to do them proud.

Nevertheless, it is the future which beckons and it is that better future in an independent Scotland that we are working together to achieve as soon as possible. We intend to mobilise the grassroots of the independence movement and to give the grassroots a voice. Please come and join us, not later but now!

Yours for Scotland
The inaugural national committee of Now Scotland