Prosperity, security, fairness, aspiration

My vision of an independent Scotland is one where everyone has a warm and secure home and a decent and affordable one. Where we have space to breathe, dream and grow. Where we have our own currency and central bank. Where we have decent pensions and decent level of minimum wage. Where education is affordable for everyone, and there is no longer elitism in education. Where we have a government elected by the people of Scotland with powers defined by a written constitution. Where we are free to build our own social model. Where we are free to prosper and control our borders and our resources. Where our young people no longer leave in droves every year never to return but are inspired to stay to build a better future. Where young families feel able to flourish and people feel able to put down secure roots, hopeful for a better life ahead. Where we all respect each other, speak freely, and listen and learn as readily as we speak. Where the beauty of our land is loved and where we honour it and ourselves. We have been too broken and too dispersed and held back for too long. Enough. Enough of inequality. Enough of being powerless. Enough of being scattered. Let’s get up off our knees and be the the country we can be if we are a sovereign state like other small nations in Europe.